We are a CF family, fighting for other CF families.

Our vision for Piper's Angels is to provide the most innovative social solutions to support the CF community. We want to rally our CF community to support each other and bring forth compassion and love as tools for dissolving the isolating barriers of this disease and manifesting a brighter future for all people with CF.
We encourage those who are fighting this battle courageously to reach out to us with ideas on how we can better serve our community.

Piper is our inspiration and guiding light. By empowering her, we hope to lift the hearts of others.
Gunther Schwartz

Piper Suit
CF Warrior

Our Story

Can a small organization and the support of a local community make a dent in a terminal disease that affects tens of thousands of people across the US and globe?

When Piper’s Angels first started, we didn’t set out on a mission to prove that a local community could change the narrative of an entire nation. We couldn’t anticipate the depth of voice we would have for those with cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening disease of the lungs and other organs.

Rather, Piper’s Angels set out with a single, simple goal: To inspire personal action that would improve the lives of those in the cystic fibrosis community.

Motivated by the strength of his daughter Piper, Travis Suit built Piper’s Angels to improve the lives of patients and empower their family members. The traumatic experience of a child’s diagnosis with a terminal illness launched him into action to build an organization driven by passion, purpose and love.

Piper’s Angels found its wings with the Crossing For Cystic Fibrosis. Travis learned that saltwater therapy helps those with cystic fibrosis, therefore he created an 80-mile paddle boarding event to spread awareness, raise money, and enrich the lives of those affected by cystic fibrosis.

In just a few years, the event has grown on a tremendous scale. The first Crossing For Cystic Fibrosis was just Travis and three friends, raising $15,000 for the cystic fibrosis Foundation. By the third event in 2018, over 100 paddlers participated, raising $282,500 for the newly formed Piper’s Angels Foundation.

Yet Piper’s Angels is rooted as a local charity. We are based in Palm Beach County, host a world-class Palm Beach County event, and produce a radio show that broadcasts out of Palm Beach County. We attribute our exponential growth and success to the strong, giving community of supporters behind us in the Palm Beach County area.

Despite our local roots, we’ve created significant national impact. Piper’s Angels has created a new and engaging way to educate about cystic fibrosis and provide support to families. Through complete transparency and a genuine spirit, we have established a foothold in the national conversation.

For example, this year the hurricanes in Florida caused mass power outages, disrupting cystic fibrosis patients’ ability to access their nebulizers. When a care center realized medical insurance doesn’t cover portable nebulizers, they reached out to us. We quickly responded with financial support to buy portable nebulizers, delivering on our promise to help provide the best quality of life to patients and families living with cystic fibrosis.

The local-national dichotomy of Piper’s Angels is what makes us special. We aid cystic fibrosis families across the nation, but we’re small enough to empathize and address needs on an individual basis and local level.

Up until now, Piper’s Angels has grown our reach with just two full-time employees and an army of dedicated, caring volunteers...our 'Army of Angels'.

Still, there’s so much left to do. Our objective is to generate a wider reach with greater sustainability for the Crossing For Cystic Fibrosis and the organization as a whole. Our small organization has made a national and global impact organically, and now is the time to take this influence to the next level. With our track record of success, the groundwork is in place to make a far-reaching impact in the cystic fibrosis community. Your assistance will allow us to amplify our event, grow the breadth of our programs, and increase fundraising to empower the remarkable families in the cystic fibrosis community.

We thank you for helping us to Inspire Every Breath!

Meet the Staff

Aiyana Sugarman

Travis Suit

Executive Director
Aiyana Sugarman

Aiyana Sugerman

Director of Operations
Tatiana Tims

Tatiana Tims

Development Director

Meet the Board of Directors

Paul Smolchek

President, Senior Director of Business Development, SupplyFORCE

"After spending most of my life both under and on the ocean, it was not until finding the Crossing For Cystic Fibrosis family in 2018 that I fully understood what it meant to love the ocean and all that she provides us in her healing nature for our spirit and our bodies. I am proud to have taken part in both the 2018 and 2019 Crossings as a paddler and look forward to a lifetime of involvement with this family and its relentless battle to improve the lives of every single CF patient we can. For This – We Will Endure."

Gary Stellges

Vice President
Division Director of Food & Nutrition Services, Hospital Corporation of America

"Being part of the Piper’s Angels Foundation has been an extremely humbling and rewarding experience. It is amazing to watch salt water communities across the country rally in support of the cystic fibrosis patients and families."

Kathy Aponte

Chief Financial Officer, Phoenix American Companies

"Giving has been an integral part of my family’s upbringing. When our life coincided with the 2017 Crossing landing event, we knew we wanted to be involved. Being part of the 2018 and 2019 Crossings has been a life changing event for myself and my family. It is such an honor to be part of an organization with such a beautiful cause."

Nikki Stellges

Former Guest Service Manager, Walt Disney World

"As Piper’s Aunt, I am so grateful to be part of the incredible energy, compassion and effort being poured into Travis’ vision and along with the entire Crossing Family, the Piper’s Angels Foundation is loving, helping and supporting CF patients and families. This Foundation is leading change in the world. The greatest gift and most amazing feeling is knowing that Piper and our family and every CF warrior will never be alone in the fight against CF."

Travis Suit

Board Member
Founder & Executive Director, Piper's Angels Foundation

"It is an honor to serve as an advocate for the cystic fibrosis community. We are a cf family fighting for other cf families. Our mission is personal; one we cannot walk away from. Focusing on innovative solutions to help improve lives, is a necessity for us on the path of CF."

DJ Barker

Board Member
Managing Associate, Henssler Financial

"I initially got involved with Pipers Angels Foundation because of the Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis event. This event was just what I needed…challenging, adventurous, a lot of fun and maybe just a little crazy. I had no idea I would meet wonderful people and make lasting relationships. Getting involved in this mission has been life-changing for me, but more importantly, I hope that the efforts we have all put forth will be life-changing for the families affected by Cystic Fibrosis. I also hope that these efforts will leave a sustainable legacy for Pipers Angels Foundation."

Heidi Kaye

Board Member
Director of School Counseling, The Pine School

"I am beyond grateful to be surrounded by the most caring, loving, inspirational ‘army of angels.’ Piper’s Angels and Crossing Crusaders are a family striving to improve the lives of CF Warriors. I will continue to work diligently as a board member, volunteer, and crossing crusader, to help CF warriors fulfill their dreams and make the most of each breath."

Joe Lawless

Board Member
President, Sentinel Brokers Company

"Being witness to what PAF has done to help the CF community is astounding. The philosopher Aristotle said, essentially, that the essence of life is to serve others and to do good. I see, in words and actions, that PAF is the epitome of what it means ‘to do good."

Lauren Wertepny

Board Member
Director of Strategy, Power Design, Inc.

"There are no great people in this world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet’. – William Halsey Jr. This foundation represents the most extraordinary group of people fighting for holistic wellness – mind, body and soul – for CF patients and their families. I’m honored to be a part of an organization that is making such an impact for today’s CF community while paving the way for future CF patients to live better lives."

Matti Anttila

Board Member
President, North End Commerce

"When I first met Travis we had an immediate bond as fathers of similar aged daughters. I then had the privilege of participating in the Crossing in 2018 and 2019 as both a paddler and sponsor. That dual experience as paddler and sponsor really allowed me to understand the remarkable mission of the foundation and the stories of those it touches. It’s an honor to lean in even further as a member of the Board."

Sean Dunleavy

Board Member
Commercial Airline Pilot and PAF Director of Logistics

"The selfless actions of so many to empower the Piper’s Angels Foundation to change the lives in the cystic fibrosis community has been amazing to be a part of, and to be involved in the Foundation’s future as it grows is an opportunity that excites me every day."

Shane Pompa

Board Member
Inventory Manager, Automotive Management Concepts

"Participating in the first Crossing in 2013 was an incredible and intimidating experience. It’s amazing to see how far it’s come!"

Advisors to the Board

Jimmy Buffett

Singer, Songwriter, Businessman

Alex Schulze

Co-Founder & CEO, 4Ocean

Kevin Spina

President, Spina Group, Inc.

Lee Heaton

Owner, Restaurant Entrepreneur

Megan Casabe

CF Social Worker, Tenet Health

Melanie Cabot

CEO, Happiness Club Palm Beach & Foundation for Women's Economic Literacy

Patrick Walsh

President, PW Partners

Trey Mahoney

Senior Vice President - Wealth Management & Portfolio Manager, UBS Financial Services Inc

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