A New Role and A New World of Helping!

Over the course of my 24 years in the workforce, I had the privilege to work in some exciting industries. From the fashion industry, television, traveling the world, and creating an art gallery; to working in a tech start-up from birth to completion, real estate, freelance marketing and business consulting, I gained a plethora of priceless experiences and skill sets. 

No matter how challenging, exciting, or unique my experiences were, I always felt a sense of longing- like there was something missing and incomplete. That is, until I started working here at Piper’s Angels Foundation. For the first time in my life, I wake up every morning inspired, full of purpose, and joy. Taking on this new leadership position as the Assistant Director has enabled me to utilize all my various life and entrepreneurial experiences to a greater cause and mission. I have heard,  “When you’re working with the mission in mind and are able to see the impact of your organization’s impact in the community, your job is more than a paycheck”…This couldn’t be more true!

One of my absolute favorite job duties is working with CF families in need through our “Urgent Financial Assistance” program.  In the last 7 weeks, we have helped 8 CF families with urgent needs. 5 of those families were less than 72 hours away from being evicted onto the streets with their CF child but we were able to stop that from happening.  Nobody should have to choose between allocating their funds to keep a roof over their head or taking care of medical needs that will save them or their child’s life.

With the amazing army of angels that continue to sponsor and donate to our organization, I hope that we can help numerous other families this 2019 in their times of hardship by lifting some of that financial burden.

I am PROUD and HONORED to represent and be part of this amazing foundation…to be a “Piper’s Angel”!

– Aiyana Sugerman, Assistant Director of Piper’s Angels Foundation  

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