Epic Love Radio Show 2018 in the books!

Epic Love Radio Station Crew

The Epic Love Radio Show’s purpose is to share inspiring stories of love through action. By making connections with people who share these stories, we are expanding the foundations mission of heightening awareness of cystic fibrosis as well as fulfilling a deeper need to promote the positive. 

Upon joining the show, I had no prior radio experience, no experience paddling, and was not familiar with cystic fibrosis and how it impacts people living with the condition. Fast forward ten months and I am a confident co-host, registered Crossing for a Cure paddler, and have been empowered with knowledge on the many ways a saltwater environment benefits those with CF.  

My mission with this radio show is to continue making these deep connections with inspirational people in hopes that they will be as moved by our actions as we are with theirs. 

Thank you, Travis Suit, for believing in me from the beginning and trusting me to deliver amazing guests each week. Thank you, Piper’s Angels Foundation, and the people involved for their hard work, love, and for keeping me motivated. You all are the reason this radio show has meaning and I promise to continue spreading our mission and purpose. 

— Blair McKnight aka “Where’s Blair” – Epic Love Radio Show, Production Coordinator

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