Introducing The Piper’s Angels Sustainability Committee

The Piper’s Angels Foundation has had the good fortune of fast growth and a growing impact. Every year, we attract more amazing people to join our cause, we make more impactful change, and we raise more funds to sustain our mission to support and improve the lives of families in the cystic fibrosis community. But as we enter our fifth Crossing year, it’s time to reflect. As we continue to grow as an organization and an event, how can we protect and sustain our planet?

Now’s the time to take count and take measures to make our organization and our events more ecologically sustainable. After all, as Guy Harvey so eloquently stated, “You can’t put a sick kid in a sick ocean.” Just as Piper’s Angels aims to improve the lives of those with CF, why can’t we also help heal the planet? The earth has its lifeblood — it’s water. And the earth has its lungs — the trees. 

That’s why I started the Piper’s Angels Sustainability Committee. My name is Vanessa, I’m a two-time Crossing volunteer and one-time Crossing Crusader.

Vanessa Calas and team Crossing For Cystic Fibrosis 2019
Vanessa Calás with relay team, captain and crew for the Crossing For CF 2019

I started the Sustainability Committee because I was inspired by our Environmental Stewardship Policy, written by Tom Fucgina, founder of the One Piece Plan. I am ready to look further into what we can do to evolve Fucgina’s policy. Take a look, for example, at some of our current areas of impact: 

  • Waste created at events and meetings
  • Pollution created by our sunscreen, boats, cars, and flights
  • Water bottles and plastic bags filled with ice

With the Sustainability Committee, we’re going to begin by reducing those areas of impact. More importantly, however, we’re going to educate ourselves and our community on the importance, and the attainability, of becoming more sustainable. Our goals this year are the following:

  • To reduce waste at our events and meetings as best we can
  • To educate ourselves and our community on being more sustainable
  • To reduce our carbon footprint

I hope you’ll join us in our efforts this year to be more sustainable. Here’s what you can do! Follow along on Piper’s Angels and the Crossing for CF on social media, and keep a lookout for our tips. And of course, we’re looking for committee members! If you have ideas or want to get involved with the Sustainability Committee, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

Thank you for being a part of our family and our efforts!

–Vanessa Calás

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