Piper’s Angels at the Salty Hydration Ocean Trash Roundup

Photo by Kozma Koz
Photo by Kozma Koz

On Sunday, August 18, Piper’s Angels heeded the call of another angel, photographer and local business owner, Kozma Koz, and came on land, and over water to help clean up Sawfish Bay Park, in Jupiter, Fl. Trash had collected in this area flanking Jupiters historic waterway and inlet, an often brilliantly colored body of water teaming with wildlife, to such an extent that Koz described it as a “mini landfill” when he discovered it while having gone to enjoy a sunrise at the park on a previous morning. 

It takes a special kind of human to recognize a dire situation and rise up to call others to action. The response to Koz’s call was just as special. 97 people were inspired to show up at the clean up, including children and teens. 

  • The Salty Hydration Ocean Trash Roundup
  • Angels Tatiana Tims, Brian Pandiscio, Dani Diaz, Ryan Burgess, Paul Smolchek, Heidi Kaye and Nikki Raia
  • Kozmo Koz, Salty Hydration Ocean Trash Roundup

We dug decaying plastic bags tangled deep into mangrove roots, painstakingly picked particles of chipped plastics out of sea grass, hauled bicycles, channel buoys, train signage and more from the area. In one and half hours 2,100 lbs of  trash had been collected, bagged  and removed from the site. 

Piper's Angels at the Salty Hydration Ocean Trash Roundup
Angels Paul Smolchek and Ryan Burgess getting dirty!

At Piper’s Angels, we value and admire action inspired by love—love of humanity, love of nature, love of the ocean that provides our CF Warriors so many healing opportunities. We are always looking for ways to help clean up and spread awareness about one of our favorite of earth’s resources! 

–Dani Diaz, Two-time Crusader, Piper’s Angels Blog Editor

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