Piper’s Angels Foundation Takes Home Two Awards At HATS OFF!

Photo by Capehart Photography

Piper’s Angels Foundation takes
home the People’s Choice Award
and Travis Suit is honored
with the Executive of the Year Award!

A BIG THANK you to Nonprofits First for hosting a beautiful evening full of purpose and passion! It is rare to see so many of our community organizations and leaders come together to celebrate the incredible work that the non-profit community aims to achieve with their collective impact.

A community built this organization and that in itself is a monumental achievement to celebrate together.

Travis Suit

Piper’s Angels Foundation has accomplished a tremendous amount in under three years as a start-up non-profit. We’ve seen the growth of the Crossing For CF annual fundraising event surge from 34 participants to over 200! We’ve established the CF Warrior Endowment Fund to protect the future of our CF families for good. We’ve created four innovative signature programs, Salt Supply & Forever Stoke Scholarships, Urgent Financial Assistance, Dining Days, and Unmasking Mindfulness. All of this has been achieved by an Army of Angels that give selflessly and pours their hearts and souls into our mission everyday.
We are filled with gratitude for the recognition as a leader in the non-profit community, and we owe it all to the countless individuals who have helped build this organization into a major platform of advocacy in the CF community.

We will continue to work tirelessly to meet the needs our CF Warriors and families deserve.

Photo by Capehart Photography

We will continue to work tirelessly
to meet the needs our CF Warriors
and families deserve.

Travis Suit
Travis Suit and Piper's Angels at Nonprofits First Hats Off
Photo by Capehart Photography

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