Piper’s Angels UFA Highlight: Luna

When a family first receives a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis, they are usually unprepared for the assault of physical and financial demands that come with it. Often times a parents will struggle trying to meet the physical needs of their child while looking for ways to supplement their heavily taxed incomes.

Three-month-old CF Warrior Luna was diagnosed with CF at birth. Her parents underwent significant financial stress, going from a military income to other jobs in order to meet the demanding financial needs and time the disease placed on the family. After their house was struck by lightening and they lost all air conditioning, integral for the storage and maintenance of many of Luna’s medicines, they were forced to move in with relatives. Meanwhile they fell behind on their car and phone bills.

Piper’s Angels UFA program was proud to help ease the burdens placed on this family as they navigated the issue brought on by their daughter’s diagnosis. 

—Piper’s Angels Urgent Financial Assistance Program

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