Piper’s Angels UFA Highlight: Nicole

Once a person with CF reaches the point of needing a lung transplant, they must undergo a series of several health evaluations before they can qualify to be added to a list. These evaluations most often require traveling to centers miles away from home and taking time off to travel, incurring expenses that can be taxing on a family already burdened with the usual medical expenses of managing cystic fibrosis as well the strenuous emotional and physical position of needing a lung transplant, hoping to qualify for one, waiting for one.

Single mom and CF Warrior Nicole had to travel many miles for her double lung transplant evaluation in Boston. Having to take days off at work to comply with evaluation, she lost income. Add to that the travel costs of gas, tolls, ferry costs and hotel stays, she was beginning to experience great hardship when she applied for financial support from our UFA program. 

Piper’s Angels was able to award her our maximum grant to help cover Nicole’s travel costs and allay some of the strain as she waited to be listed for her double lung transplant. 

–Piper’s Angels UFA Program

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