Team Epic Love

Crossing For Cystic Fibrosis Committee Meeting 2019.
Crossing For Cystic Fibrosis Committee Meeting 2019.

Epic Love has become a term used often within Piper’s Angels Foundation—two very strong words placed together for one important mission: serving and providing a voice to people who otherwise may not be heard and shedding light on a disease, cystic fibrosis, with which we have made leaps and bounds in the world of medicine but not in quality of life. We cross the Gulf Stream each year to bring awareness of the benefits of a saltwater environment for CF patients and raise funds so the ease the financial burdens these families face. 

Looking at this foundation from the outside, you will rightfully be impressed by our mission, the challenge of crossing the gulf stream each year, and our fundraising totals. The parts you won’t see are what makes this group of people deserve every bit of the term EPIC LOVE. This is a CF family fighting for other CF families. No, we haven’t all been directly affected. That is what makes what we do so special—knowing that coming together makes us stronger and more capable of helping these families, knowing that if this was our family we would want a group as passionate as ours fighting for each breath. 

2019 Crossing Crusaders in Bimini. Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis 2019.
2019 Crossing Crusaders in Bimini.

This diverse group comes with open-minds and hearts to support, motivate, love and encourage each other to do big things. I have experienced it firsthand and been given the gift of accomplishments that I once thought were out of my reach. The world needs more of this inspiration and I am proud to be part of the positive example we are setting. 

That is why this team of individuals is deserving of a bold term – EPIC LOVE.

— Blair McKnight aka “Where’s Blair” – Epic Love Radio Show, Production Coordinator

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