The Story of Warpaint Wednesday: Rallying the CF Community

Warpaint Wednesday, 2019 | ER Bradley’s

In 2019, we launched the inaugural Warpaint Wednesday as a global day of activism for the cystic fibrosis community.  The idea for Warpaint Wednesday was initially created while our team, including Development Director, Tatiana Tims of Piper’s Angels Foundation, and her husband Sean Tims sat brainstorming at a coffee shop in Jupiter, Florida.

We wanted to produce something that would be fun and rally the entire family and community to participate.  We were talking about how the most passionate fans at professional sports games often wear face and body paint to represent their teams. This led us to envision people wearing warpaint for a good cause and not just sports, representing their cystic fibrosis family members and friends in the fight.  When we researched the historical significance and meaning of warpaint, it became clear that this concept for an event had the potential to be  very special.

Wearing face paint has always been a way for people to derive a sense of strength, promote unity, and fight for what’s most important.

In many cultures throughout history, people have worn face and body paint, not just for war, but for meaningful occasions, such as ceremonies, rites of passage, and celebrations.  It’s a tradition that has been lost in modern times.  Wearing face paint has always been a way for people to derive a sense of strength, promote unity, and fight for what’s most important. The beautiful thing about a call to wear warpaint, is that it is widely inclusive; everyone from a two-year-old to an eighty-year-old person can wear it and share it.

Piper and Robert Suit, | Warpaint Wednesday 2019

The month of May is cystic fibrosis awareness month, so we wanted to schedule Warpaint Wednesday during a time of the year when we could generate a new sense of heightened awareness. When we looked at the calendar, it became apparent that if we positioned it at a time leading up to the holiday and giving season prior to the popular Giving Tuesday, then the outcome of Warpaint Wednesday could benefit from the momentum of that time of year.  Also, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in the US is typically a big night for people to go out and socialize, so Warpaint Wednesday provides an opportunity for venues to bring a positive purpose to an established party night.

Last year’s inaugural Warpaint Wednesday was met with widespread enthusiasm from the cystic fibrosis community, even on an international level.  We were thrilled with the organic level of participation! It’s a day of activism, awareness, and celebration that thrives online in the CF community, where cystic fibrosis patients communicate regularly through digital avenues because of the extreme isolation that the disease causes. Now, with COVID-19 running rampant in 2020, the isolation has reached all-time heights in the CF community.  

This year, we hope to ramp up the promotions and awareness to a much greater level.  We’ve teamed up with The Digital Intellect, a digital marketing firm, based in West Palm Beach, to help grow the presence and results of Warpaint Wednesday.  Fortunately for Piper’s Angels Foundation, The Digital Intellect, has taken us under their wing, and supported our organization as a pro-bono strategic partnership to give back to the community.  We are incredibly grateful for their commitment and support.

We are also very excited to see many more cystic fibrosis organizations jump on board and participate in Warpaint Wednesday!  At this time, we have verbal commitments from CF nonprofits like Claire’s Place Foundation, The Bonnell Foundation, Vivian Lee Foundation, Singing At The Top Of My Lungs. We also have international CF social media influencers on board like Ben Mudge, Travis Flores, Julia Rae, Marc Cotterill, Sophie Grace Holmes and many others to make Warpaint Wednesday the biggest day of activism for cystic fibrosis in the world.  Any CF nonprofit related organizations that create a campaign and fundraise for Warpaint Wednesday will receive 100% of their fundraising dollars to support their missions to support the CF community. 

To learn more about Warpaint Wednesday and to purchase your fierce purple warpaint, go to

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