How to apply for UFA

Thank you so much for turning to us during this difficult time.

We know your message is important and we are looking forward to doing everything we can to be of service. To apply for a UFA grant, please make sure each one of the below steps is completed in FULL.

Step 1: Download and completely fill out the basic application found below.

Step 2: Write a short hardship letter describing your circumstances and why your UFA request is a ‘medically related need' for the CF applicant. Be sure to include the exact amount requested. If the payment is for a 3rd party vendor you must submit all necessary details to allow us to make that payment. (Ie., vendor name, vendor phone number or web address, user name and password, name on account, phone number on account, account number, billing address, last 4 digits of social security or pin, etc.)

Step 3: Your CF social worker needs to email us directly, from his/her email, a verification letter on the hospital's letterhead validating this is a "medically related need" for the CF applicant.

Step 4: Include 2 pictures of CF applicant...1 photo of a good day, having fun, smiling, enjoying life...and 1 photo of a not so good day, either doing treatments, hospitalized, or facing the challenges of CF.

Step 5: Please return the application as soon as possible to or online at

All UFA applications will only be processed once ALL components are complete. It will then take us approximately 4-5 days for approval. Please be patient with us during this time. We know time is of the essence for your needs, we thank you for your patience and we very much look forward to being of service the best we can!

With love and gratitude,

Your Piper's Angels Foundation Family

Application email

Or print the above and mail to:

Piper's Angels Foundation
P.O. Box 1104, Jupiter, FL 33468